Linde AG 'Blue Box' Wiesbaden

A change in the company‘s top leadership, brought upon a change in image from traditional successful understatement to globally-reacting player in the high-tech industry. This new sense of identity is mirrored in the architecture and corporate identity. The use of light and color, modern materials and new construction technology provides clear indication of the straight-forward, objective direction of the company. The corporate identity is minimized to clear, uniform design, focusing in on the essential factors: the Linde logo and the Blue Box. The Blue Box is a suspended stage which can be utilized for conferences, seminars, presentations or training depending on the location; a synonym for action and interaction.
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project type Commercial
client Linde AG, Wiesbaden
service Corporate Identity
phases 1-2 HOAI
planning 2003
Construction costs ~ 160 000 € net