House Rogers Wiesbaden

Low energy, solar houses with active and passive systems help to preserve environmental resources and minimize the costs of utilities. The principle is simple: The highly insulated walls on the north side absorb the warmth, the fully glassed south side absorbs the solar energy from the sun. Trees providing shade prevent over-heating in summer. Heat storers and providers, such as stone floors and wood fire places, provide heat during cooler periods. Circulating systems and/or heat pumping systems can even make a central heating system unnecessary! The material choices are aimed at environmentally-friendly products without health risk due to chemical fumes. Sourcing materials from other European countries, such as terra cotta from the Pyrenees and timber from Slowakia, enable the building costs to compare to those of conventional residential structures.
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project type Residential
client Rogers family
service Complete planning
phases 1-9 HOAI
construction 2001 - 2003
Construction costs 1 mil. € net